Learn the 6 steps

to add  $4k in new revenue

to your music lesson studio

in 90 days or less.

You'll leave your strategy session with answers AND clear action steps on: 

How to organically attract ideal students without paid advertising.

Your exact lesson rates, both hourly and monthly.

Confirming that you'll get paid on time.

Gameplan for booking trial lessons & consultations. 

Generating referrals from school music programs and other area organizations. 

Enforcing a studio policy.

Plan for posting social media content.

Setting your new student enrollment goal.


Kelly Riordan is the co-founder of Outside The Bachs - a program designed to support musicians in creating their own private music studios and delivering the highest quality education to their students. Her passion for music education is present not only in her own studio, but in her support of 600+ studios around the world.

"If you told me last February that in just over a year I’d have my own private studio, an in person teaching space for my business, AND a new car that I paid for all by myself I wouldn’t have believed you. BUT HERE I AM!! Thank you to all of you and especially Kelly Riordan for this incredible journey and for all your support!"


"It’s been quite the hectic process moving out-of-state. I had a few private students drop since I was moving, so I was left with 3 online students after arriving in Texas. With the help of this program I’ve doubled my student roster from 3 to 6, and more-than-doubled my income in less than 2 weeks! Starting small but feeling very motivated! Thanks for all you do Kelly Riordan!"


"Just accepted my first new student at my new, higher rate and they were very enthusiastic--and they signed on for an hour-long lesson instead of the 45-minute lesson that I had anticipated! So excited!"


"Yesterday I received a website contact form submission from a potential adult student in my area that found me solely just by her doing research looking for teachers in her area. This is the first lead like this I have received! We are setting up a consultation for next week."


Private Strategy Session


1 hour video call with Kelly Riordan

  • Profitable Lesson Package
  • Predictable Source of Students
  • Repeatable Enrollment Process

  • Identifying Your Ideal Student
  • Tuition & Fee Calculation
  • Instruction Model
  • Studio Offer
  • Organic Marketing Set Up
  • Trial Lessons & Consultations